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Raised in the small town of Goshen, Indiana since the age of one, I have loved cooking and baking since the age of three thanks to my mother's patient teaching and my enthusiasm for the finished results. When I sit down to a meal that's been prepared with thought and care I instantly feel special and I think everyone deserves to feel that way. I appreciate and recognize the love shown through careful food preparation and presentation. Food is an unspoken universal language that every single human being understands. We all have experiences from childhood that define who we are later in life; but, no matter where we've come from we can all relate to some specific foods that instantly flood us with memories. For me, few things smell as heavenly as a pot of stew slowly simmering and bread baking. For me, those delightful aromas don't just remind me of home...they ARE home. That being said, I have always preferred to make my foods on the healthier side. The recipes I regularly make for my family and friends are not only delicious, but lower in fat and calories than many other cookbook recipes. I love hosting large holiday gatherings just as much as small intimate ones for friends and I always try to make mealtime a special time.


This cookbook is a collaboration of decades of cooking and tweaking recipes to be what I consider "award-winning" recipes. It has 317 pages of full color photos with a heavy duty metal spiral binding to lay flat while cooking and a durable UV coated hardcover. Every recipe has been prepared in my own kitchen and I've gotten tasting critiques from family, friends, co-workers, clients and neighbors to ensure they are truly worthy of including. Some of these recipes are handcrafted. Some have been handed down to me from family members or friends. Others I've altered from various cookbooks and recipe cards I've collected over the years to incorporate lower fat ingredients. My goal with this book is to share my love of cooking with you and create complete menus that you can utilize any time you need to make a meal...especially if you're rushed for time.


If you're wondering what makes my cookbook so unique, it's that I've taken great care to organize each "chapter" to be a "menu", giving you a complete meal from start to finish. That means I've included appetizer suggestions, main course options, side dish options and dessert options as well as wine recommendations for every menu, removing all the guesswork in meal planning! I've also intentionally created these menus to be time efficient and to make the best use of your kitchen. Even if you're a novice cook, you're sure to find a menu you can make. Of course, each recipe contained within each meal is welcome to be made without committing to the entire menu. Whether you're cooking for your family or for additional guests, my hope is that you'll find inspiration and comfort in these recipes as you to gather them around the table for beautiful, tasty health-conscious meals that will leave them impressed and wanting more! Bon Appétit!!

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